Moorland Rider PetWear Wash Bag


PetWear Wash Bag is the perfect way to keep your washing machine clear of loose pet hair. It retains all the pet hair inside the bag as it washes all your pet coats, clothing, bedding, blankets, fleeces, duvet covers, throws, pet towels, soft toys, tugs, collars and harnesses. When finished just simply clear the bag of the hair and hang up as a laundry bag to be used again. It also protects buckles from damaging the washing machine.


Moorland Rider PetWear Wash Bag

The PetWear Wash Bag is ideal for washing pet bedding, fleece blankets, throws, mat, cage liners, towels, toys, collars and harnesses. The bag retains all pet hair during the wash cycle, whilst allowing the free flow of water and detergent through the bag. Features a simple zip closure and a hanging loop. Using a PetWear washbag will help lengthen the life of your washing machine while also keeping your machine free of pet hair.

Pet Wear Wash Bag features:

  • Perfect for machine-washing pet clothing, bedding and towels.
  • Hair is retained in the bag to be removed after washing.
  • Features a simple zip closure and hanging loop.
  • Ideal for storing any soiled pet laundry until washday.
  • Wash bag helps prevent buckle damage to your machine when washing collars, harnesses’s etc.

Size: Large (58 x 75cm) or Jumbo (75 x 80cm).

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Large 58 x 75cm, Jumbo 75x80cm


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