LOGIC Oral Hygiene Gel Toothpaste 70ml


Logic Oral Hygiene Gel can be used as a toothpaste or even added to food, use in dogs and cats and is most effective if applied with a soft brush and applied gently over the surface of the teeth.

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LOGIC Oral Hygiene Gel Toothpaste 70ml

Logic® Oral Hygiene Gel is different to normal toothpaste as it helps to prevent the formation of dental plaque and fight bad breath. Based on a multi-enzyme patented system, Logic Oral Hygiene Gel supplements the animal’s own defence mechanisms to help fight harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Logic Oral Hygiene Gel’s multi-enzyme formula helps maintain a normal balance of micro organisms in the mouth whilst the mild abrasives help break down existing plaque. The gel also contains a surfactant which ensures that the active ingredients remain in contact with the teeth and gums.

Logic Gel is unique as it works with or without brushing and is a highly palatable
Formulation which is well accepted by both cats and dogs.

Administer Once daily after your pet’s last meal of the day:
1cm (approx) for cats and small dogs
2cm (approx) for dogs less than 20kg
5cm (approx) for dogs over 20kg

With brushing
Daily brushing is the single most effective means of removing plaque and is therefore highly recommended for optimal results
Every tube of Logic Oral Hygiene Gel contains a fingerbrush to aid application.

Without brushing
If brushing isn’t possible, then Logic Oral Hygiene Gel can also be used without brushing. Options include:
Apply directly onto the teeth and gums using a finger and/or the applicator nozzle within each pack
For cats where access to the mouth isn’t possible, apply onto the top of the paw for the cat to lick off



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